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Toggle Latch Used In Glider Safety and Protection Equipment

02 Nov 2011

Small quick action fastener for glider

Small Quick Action Fastener For Glider

Glider safety and protection equipment is the latest application area to benefit from the strength and security of Protex over-centre latches. 

Several models from the company's quick-action fastener range are employed by the makers of wing and tail dollies used to protect gliders when they are stationary or being manoeuvred on the ground.

The over-centre fasteners are normally riveted or bolted to the two hinged GRP mouldings that allow the wheeled dollies to be quickly located on the aircrafts' wing and fuselage sections. Once in position, the mating profiles are clamped securely together using the hand-operated latches.

Protex supplies rigid, spring claw and adjustable grip fastener variants to meet the application requirements of a number of different manufacturers' products. In addition, leading gliding equipment supplier, AFE of Kidlington, Oxford has specified Protex's light weight 29-619 spring return and medium duty 61-1610 screw adjustable fasteners for their gas-strut suspension wing and castoring tail wheel dolly units.

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