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Tool Operated Toggle Latch

04 Nov 2011

Tool Operated Latch

 Toggle Latch Features Tool Operated Safety Catch!

The 39-1260, called the Protex TooLatch, is an over-centre latch which incorporates a tool-operated safety catch, that automatically engages, without the use of a tool, on closing. The latch cannot then be opened simply by hand, but requires the use of a screwdriver, coin or similar implement to release it. This means that the 39-1260 can only be opened by means of an intentional action by use of a tool.

This important security feature dramatically reduces the possibility of impulsive or accidental access, for example during production or plant maintenance routines, and could possibly be used by companies who have to comply with CE Marking legislation.

The 39-1260 is a rigid, medium-duty latch with a narrow base and has an ultimate strength of 440 kgf. It is manufactured in both stainless and zinc-plated mild steel and measures 113mm long by 38mm wide and 20mm high.

The Protex TooLatch suits a host of everyday industrial and agricultural applications, such as closing guards, covers and access panels. Its steel loop will engage onto any one of six standard Protex catchplates, whichever best suits the space and application. Like all rigid latches it should be mounted on surfaces embodying some resilience, such as GRP covers or where compressing a rubber seal.

This new latch is available direct from Protex ­ with no minimum order quantity restrictions - and can be purchased by credit card or by using a multi-currency on-line ordering facility on the company's recently-updated website: In addition, engineers can download fully dimensioned drawings of this and other Protex latches on demand to their desktops, ready for immediate inclusion in their own product designs



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