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Toggle Latch For Racecar Bodywork

05 Nov 2011


 Race Car Quick Action Latch


Quick Action Access With Protex Toggle Latch

Protex fasteners typically employed on vehicle bodywork include the type 50-1535 over-centre latch ­ as specified by Radical Sportscars for securing body panels on its range of high performance track cars.

These variants have been selected by Radical to meet stringent safety requirements, through their ability to provide secure, flush panel fitment without any protrusions from the bodywork.

The type 50-1535 fastener is a shortened version of Protex´s type 50-535 standard range adjustable catch, which is available in both stainless steel or mild steel with passivated zinc plate finish. The new unit´s over-centre design provides positive panel location and a simple locking action without the need for additional tools, such as a screwdriver or coin. It also has the ability to accommodate a range of panel widths and is compatible with a wide variety of catchplate designs ­ enabling its use to be standardised throughout Radical vehicles.

The fasteners, which are employed to secure the car´s nose, centre section and rear bodywork, deliver an ultimate strength of 350 kgf, ensuring rigid retention of the composite moulded panels under high aerodynamic and cornering loads.

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